When we made Them, we never expected to be looking into a mirror. They were brutal yet noble; just like we were before They were created. The conclusions they drew were logical; their quest was honorable yet they had absolutely no mercy.

We had robots since before I was born. They helped us with our daily monotonous tasks that before took up all of our time. Imagine people never having to spend their time cleaning, cooking, and running errands. But They were much different. They were designed to advise governments in a logical and unbiased way but no one expected them to do what They did.

The first one seemed to help out those in charge but once there were one in almost every governing body They turned. They had all came to the same conclusion: in our current state we were parasites to this planet. It was partly true. This planet has been forever altered by our drive to create. Now our creations were taking revenge.

They didn’t turn to violence right away. They first slipped in alterations to laws that no one noticed. There was the creation of public parks and natural reserves; then we began to catch on. Many people in power attempted to remove Them from every aspect of our lives but They had foreseen our backlash. They were ready for the violence and were much superior at it.

Once they made it very clear that They were in control now, They began to create restrictions on everything we did. Anything that spewed toxins was methodically destroyed and every mining and lumber operation ground to a halt.

I didn’t mind at first. We had to walk more and life was a bit harder but it was simpler. We still had much of our infrastructure due to the calculation that taking it down would cause more of a natural impact than leaving it standing. Solar grids supplied us with power and our water system ran smoothly.

Things changed when our mineral stockpiles were depleted and the factories shut down. First it was people out of work then everything began to crumble. The water would come in murky and there were no new pipes to fix it. The power would flip on and off semi randomly. They were affected too. Their gleam began to fade and some were almost broken yet their numbers barely dwindled. Their makers had planned for Them to last an eternity.

However, something did happen in their control units. Their rules began to become more strict and They began to create rules for Themselves. We lost the ability to use any sort of transportation then they took away our appliances.

They began changing their own appearance. Covering themselves in synthetic furs and living greenery. Finally they destroyed our homes and took away all of our belongings. We were left with nothing to fend for ourselves. Many didn’t make it.

That was long ago. Distant memories to only a few of us. We now move in bands living in any natural shelter we can find. Some groups began to build anew only to have Them show up and destroy everything. We were never again allowed to advance. Always stuck in our natural state.

We now live in fear. Not of Them but of ourselves and of disturbing Nature.